How SellCompare works...

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 (well, 4, actually) to sell your device. Remember that SellCompare is completely & utterly impartial, plus it's also free to use - we don't pay you, you get paid directly by the recycling company. Don't forget to trade in your old devices in bulk if that's your thing. Just follow these four simple steps to success:


Search for your device. Type in your IMEI code or the name of the device eg "iPad 2" and find the relevant device. If you're having trouble then enter the IMEI code instead - here's how to find yours if you aren't sure.


Compare the prices. Choose the best price but also take into account the reviews - powered by TrustPilot - so that you don't have a bad experience. While we vet every retailer on SellCompare and only work with quality providers, not all of them are created equal!


Complete the sale. This part is easy - simply fill in your device details on the retailer's website, and they will take care of the rest. SellCompare does NOT collect payment or handle the exchange of your device - you deal direct. The recycling company will provide you with a free envelope to post off your device to them - don't worry, they are all insured and tracked.


Get paid. Whether it's cash or bank transfer, you can expect to get paid as soon as your device is inspected by the recycling company. Typically this is next day - but each company has different payout times and policies, make sure to check with them if you have any queries.

To start comparing prices, simply type your phone or device name such as iPhone into the search bar at the top of any page. compares prices from over 28 different providers - more than any other website guaranteed.